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My Experience

My name is Natalia Golovko Butler, and I have been doing creative knitting my entire life. I learned how to knit when I was 9 year old and have been doing this non-stop ever since.

  I was born to a family of scientists. I could not even imagine that I will do something different in my life than being a scientist. So, I got a Doctor of Analytical Chemistry Degree in Kiev State University, was a successful researcher of nuclear chemistry, worked on the Chernobyl problem more than 15 years, traveled a lot around the world, mostly in Europe. However, knitting was always my passion. I knitted each spare minute and created very unusual and very specific things. It was a good hobby for me at that time; and I did knitting for my family and friends. Being native of Ukraine, I always wanted to knit something more individual than everybody could do.  I never used a pattern, although I can read them and understand in the knitting magazines. Somehow, I needed only to look at the picture and I immediately knew how I can do it.

 When I came to US (now I am a United States citizen and live in Missouri with my husband), I continued to do a consulting job for Geological Survey in Washington DC, but more and more time spent with my knitting needles. Now, my husband and I are retired, and we can spend our time doing what we want. Once, some lady from our church came to our house and asked me why I can not open a small business if I can not stop to knit. I replied “No, no, this is not my profession; I can not do this.” However, I gave deep thought to that and opened Natalia’s Knitting. I can tell you that it is very easy to open small business in US in comparison with other countries.

 Now, I create my pieces for other people to enjoy, especially in an era when people can not find something specific in the abundance of mass-production stocked in retail stores which meets their individual style or need.  What I like about my job now is a positive feedback from my customers. Often, people come to me again and again and tell me how happy they are wearing my creations, how many compliments they have, how unique they feel unlike thousand of others around. This gives me a boost of energy to create something more and more interesting.

 My creations are different and varied. My collection includes very feminine shawls, ponchos, vests, snoods, dusters, cardigans, hats, scarves, sweaters, tops, and caplets. Many are made with European yarn purchased mostly from Turkey, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. The yarn is very special, unique, and exclusive. Usually, I prefer to work with silk, nylon, and cotton yarn which looks fashionable and still is light weight. Autumn ponchos and dusters are made from combination of yarn to keep them cozy, warm, and comfortable.

 Some of my items have been represented in an art gallery and several clothing shops. I attend many juried Art and Craft Shows where my items are always popular. During the last three years, I received several awards and ribbons for uniqueness, exclusiveness and excellent quality of work. For example, “Best in Show”, Liberty Art Squared, June, 1012.

 In my opinion, only hand made items can provide the comfort and style which people of fashion desire.

 Enjoy my wearable art and share the uniqueness of hand knit creations!