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Girls Ponchos

Acrylic Eye-lash Ponchos

Girl’s ponchos have become very fashionable. They are cozy and comfortable, washable and usable in various weather conditions. They can be created from any yarn of any color according to your wishes, including a combination of eyelash, which is very popular right now. I can custom create one of any size and also do combinations of yarn representing school colors. Girls like to have something special associated with their school. For Tigers, as an example, I often knit a combination of black and yellow.  The pictures below are examples of especially popular colors desired by many girls.


  1. Violet acrylic poncho with lavender eyelash stripes and roads. Girls’ age- 5-10 years old. Price is $34.99
  2. White acrylic poncho with soft pink eyelash stripes. Girls’ age- 3-7 years old. Price is $34.99
  3. “Patriotic” poncho for girl 1-3 years old. Price is $34.99