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Acrylic Ponchos

Women Fashion Ponchos are the most popular in this season. They are very cozy, practical and comfortable. They can be for different seasons and occasions. Everything depends from yarn and creativity. These are the items “Each woman must have”.

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1. Lavender “narrow triangle” poncho. Size S, M, L. $44.99
2. Multi red, black and white long fringed “wide triangle” poncho. Size S, M, L. $44.99
3. Striped white, gray and cream “wide triangle” poncho with turtleneck. Good for riding horses. Size S, M, L.  $54.99
4. Soft red fringed poncho, Size S, M, L
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 Acrylic/Eyelash Ponchos

These ponchos are made from acrylic/eye-lash yarn in different combinations. They can be different shapes. Ponchos in the shape of a “wide triangle” are preferable for people with wide shoulders. “Narrow triangle” are good for any figure. The “rectangle” shape is good for larger bodies. The combination of acrylic and eye-lash yarn can be different, either eye-lash stripes or eye-lash roads. The colors can be different as well. Custom knitting is available in different color combinations and different shapes.






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1. “Wide triangle” true red poncho with green eye-lash stripes. Size- S, M, L. $44.99
2. “Wide triangle” calm red poncho with green eye-lash stripes. Size- S, M, L $44.99
3. “Narrow triangle” cream poncho with orange eye-lash combination. Size L. $48.99
4. Violet poncho with dark violet boa stripes and tassels in the bottom. Size S, M. $44.99
5. “Rectangle” sand poncho gray eye-lash combo. Size- S, M, L $48.99
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Acrylic/Ribbon Ponchos

These ponchos are done from acrylic and ribbon yarn in combination. Size – S, M, L.

1. Black acrylic poncho with multicolored ribbon stripes. $44.99
2. White acrylic poncho with green ribbon stripes. $44.99