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Fashion Ponchos

This poncho is made from Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn and Bernat Boa in combination, which gives the poncho a Chenille look. Very soft and warm. Good for the cold and chilly days. One size fits small, medium and large. Extra large sizes are also available in a special order. You simply need to describe your size in general and I will do it for you. Easy and simple. You may also order the girl poncho, which matches mom’s one. This is especially touchy for a big family with several girls. Now available in these colors: red, black, antique rose, orange (not pictured). Price is $49.99.



1. Red 2. Black

3.Antique Rose


Unique Ponchos

These ponchos are done from very rare Ukrainian yarn, which I bought in Kiev, my native town. They are soft and cozy, good for different occasions. You can wear it with jeans, pants, skirt for casual or with simple long dress, which will make it “dressy”. I have only 4 items in 4 different colors, which make them absolutely unique. So, if you buy it you will be also unique because nobody will have it. They are good for size small, medium, and large. Price is $44.99.

1.multi-green (multi)
   3.yellow-gray-red (multi) 4.yellow-brown-sand(multi)