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        Ladies Apparel

Ladies apparel includes winter sweaters and vests, summer tops and dresses, all -yaer- around dusters and various fashionable items from different yarns. This collection is unique with items existing only in one version. 

Wool Items

  1. Black mohair caplet with ruffled edge, long sleeves, also ruffled at the edge. The stitches are loose which make the whole item very sexual looking if put underneath a bright or natural color top. This model is extremely popular in Europe. Size S. Price is  $57.99
  2. Black mohair caplet with ribbon stitches at the ends. The stitches are loose for the wearing a top underneath. The special natural fur decoration at the left side of the capletin the shape of flower. Size S, M, L. Price is  $57.99
  3.   Rose sweater with short sleeves. Ribbon stitches at the bottom and at the end of sleeves. Loose turtleneck makes this model extremely attractive. Size S, M, L. Price is  $54.99
  4.   Caplet with natural/khaki stripes, ¾ sleeves. Made from 100% of Angora, very light and cozy wool. This is a variation of Shetland lace stitch, which makes the pattern resemble feathers, fans, waves, and scallops. Looks like real lace. Size S. Price is $58.99.
  5. Very light and very warm vest. Made from 100% mohair. Available also in yellow/brown color combination. Size L-XL. Prise is $54.99.
  6.    White snood from Italian mohair with sequins. Extremely modern style for hood/tube/snood. Size S-M-L. Price is $54.99.


Cotton Items

  1.   Red top with white stripes and real white beads. The yarn-%100 cotton. The angle shape of stripes makes this top very attractive and special. If you need to slim your figure-this is the case. Price is $49.99.
  2.    Light off-white summer dress. The top of the dress was made from multicolored cotton of the same texture. Lacy stitches decoration in front and at the back make this model very attractive and special. Adjustable shoulders and bottom of the dress with the cord allow to put this dress with the leggins. Size S, M, L. Price is $59.99.
  3.   Light off-white summer duster.  Lacy stitch combination is very attractive and fashionable now. Very  appropriate with leggins and slim jeans or summer dress. Size S,M,L.  Price is $59.99
  4.   Light yellow top is very attractive item for the summer. The stitches remind stars  in the plain field. The edges of neck and shoulders are made with special decorative stitches. Size S, M. Price is $39.99
  5. White vest with decorative multicolored special yarn like little butterflies in front and at back. Three shining white buttons. Very loose special stitches for summer wear. Price is $39.99.
  6. Summer/beach dress with multicolored, white and yellow stripes. V-neck is adjustable with a tassel’s string. Sleeves are ¾. Very attractive for the beach wear. Size M, L, XL. Price is $59.99.
  7. Summer/beach dress with adjustable sides. Very comfortable at the seashore, lake or pool. Size M, L, XL. Price is $59.99.


  Polyester Items
1. Duster/Coat with different color stripes ( black/natural/terracote). The edges and sleeves was made from eye-lash tangerine color. Very attractive with the shawl/scarf at the neck line. Very cozy and warm material, especially good for chill environment.
2. Duster/Coat with blue and white stripes. The edges and sleeves are made from silver color eye-lash. I created it to put together with blue jeans. Very warm and comfortable in different environments.
For " big" people I created stunning multidirectional cabled shrug which consists of 13 pentagons coming to each other in different directions. Size is XL. Back photos show the combination of pentagons where cable transfers from one pentagon to another. Very interesting and very challenged project! Absolutely unique item!!! Price is under discussion.

Snood from copper polyester yarn can be warn as a hood, as a tube for your arms and as a snood
( for the head). Size is S,M,L. Price is $64.99.
5. Grey snood can be put on your arms and to your head as well. Extremely cozy and warm, also- fashinable!
Size S,M,L. Price is $74.99