This is a page for the Recent Creations. I plan to put in this page only unique and very unusual things which attract people very much.

Cotton blue top with pink decoration, so called "Target" top. I made it from 6 hexagons in special sequince. It is one big piece, absolutely no sewing. Very unusual , unique, and sofisticated item.
Size -M,L. Price is $150.00


Cotton blue top with red stripes.
Size S,M.
Price is $75.00

 Violet dress from polyester yarn with open shoulders an unsual skirt.

Size is S, M, L.  Price is $130.                                                                              




I called this dress "Karmen" because it has dramatic black and red colors. Many people asked me to create a dress which has a cowl similar to a snood. I made it from polyester yarn and eye-lash yarn for a dramatic look. It has prolonged stripes for a slimming effect. The size is mostly L and XL.
Price is under discussion with the customer.
Cotton jacket. This particular cotton yarn is very attractive to people. I do a lot of different things from this yarn because it is natural, very comfortable, and breathable.
Thinking about autumn, I created this jacket with small sleves. It can also be made with long sleves or 3/4- everything is possible. The length is also can be changed. Size is M-L- XL. Price is $85.00

Vest of Mongolian type. The unique pattern has its roots from the Genghis Khan Army.

Vest is made from polyester yarn, very cozy and warm. It is made from stripes, but criss-crossed in front and on the back. Looks like waved vest. Size is M-L-XL. Price is $95.00.