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Ladies Shawls

Ladies shawls are extremely popular. They can be used for different occasions and different purposes. Each woman would like to be more feminine and more attractive for her “special person”. My collection includes shawls from different yarn for different occasions.

Please scroll down for new yarn!!! 


This Italian yarn is very popular among my fans. Shawls from this yarn are extremely light, waitless, attractive and has some glitter which gives special look.
Blue-pink-olive color Orange color light blue-pink-emerald color violet color emerald color

Now I have 19 different colors, practically all shades of green, pink, black, grey, yellow, blue, olive, orange, red, and brown. Call me to ask about your favorite color.

This European yarn was used for making shawls and  ponchos. They are very light and cozy, looks almost like a spider web. Yarn consists of  %100 nylon. In order to see the ponchos, go to SUMMER PONCHO, FIOCCO yarn.
N1 N2 N3 N4
    N1. Turqoius-yellow-red N2. Yellow-orange-green N3.Violet-green-blue N4.Green-yellow-pink

This interesting European yarn is looking good in shawls primeraly. Very good to use it as a scarf. Usually, my dear customers use it with a coat or a jaket. I like to use it as a scarf with everything. Yarn consists of 50% cotton and 50% of nylon. Now,  they are avaliable in five (5) different colors. The price is $44.99.

  1. Violet-orange 2. Light Blue 3.Yellow-pink-blue

5. Orange


1. Stained Glass (Green/Turqoius/Pink
color combination)
2. Ocean (Blue color)
3. Night Life (Black/Silver) 4. Rainbow (Multicolored:

These shimmering, multicolored railroad ribbon shawls make you look much more attractive and interesting. They can be used as a shawl, as a scarf,  as a shrug, as a belt for your pants or jeans, and even as a pareo on the beach. Very Adaptable!!! 100% nylon allows you to use them practically forever! Size is 65x26 inch. Price of each is $44.99.

The same yarn was used for the creation of ponchos. Go to the "Summer ponchos" to see the look.

Unfortunately, temporarily I am out of this yarn. Scroll down to see new yarns from Italy and Turkey.



This new Turkish yarn appeared
on the European market only several months ago.
 Extremely attractive yarn which can be bought only in Europe!!!
Very unique fabric! Extremely glittering effect! Now avaliable
in eight (8) colors. Price is $50.00.
N 4 is avaliable now, other colors are sold, probably I will have this yarn in Spring.
1. Chacoal brown                    2. Black/silver-white.  
3.Gold/brown/green/blue         4. Blue/pink/grey/yellow  
5.Red/olive/wine                      6. Scarlet red/blue/green/gold  
7.Gold/brown/natural          8.Lime/electric/dark blue

"INCREDIBLE" Ribbon Yarn Shawls


These shawls are also useable for summer or for the special occasion. Sometime people like to use it in the restaurants with great air conditioning. Price of each is $44.99.

1. "Rainbow" (yellow-green-pink-blue)( Sold) 2. "Blue" (Sold)
3. "Carnival" (Pink-blue-yellow-violet) 4. “Autumn Leaves"(copper-brown) (Sold)

 1.   2. 3. 4.

Unique Diamond Looking European Yarn Shawls


These beautiful and unique looking shawls are made from European yarn, which can be bought only in Europe. They look like jewelry with diamonds or pearls. They are good for evening occasions or for dressy events. They look very sexual with an open top. The yarn is made from nylon and silk in gold or silk in silver. They are available in 11 different colors. The size usually fits S, M, and L and is 60x26 inch. Price of each is $44.99.

1. White -pink 2. Red-white  3. Copper-olive(sold)
4. Orange 5. Blue(sold) 6. Lime
7. Blue-yellow-pink(sold) 8. Lavender(sold) 9. Off-white
10. Violet 11. Black (sold) 12.Dark pink (sold)

 Now, I have no N3 , N5, N7, N8, N11, N12 color in stock, but instead I have orange/white/pink  color and brown/yellow/copper( autumn), which people love so much. The same yarn was used for creation the summer ponchos. Go to Ponchos and grab one or more of your choice.


1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

10. 11.  




Big Size Shawls from Different Yarns

All these shawls exist only in 1 version. They are unique! They are big and cozy, suitable for Autumn and Wintertime. They all look like the picture shown below with individual stitching shown in the close-up pictures.
#1. Yellow acrylic with multicolored ribbon stripes shawl, size 75x27 inch. Price is $49.99.
#2. Yellow-brownish multicolored shawl, size 80x25 inch. Price is $49.99.
#3.Italian yarn shawl worn as a shrug. Price is $49.99.
#4. Very warm, very light, and cozy shawls from 100% wool yarn (angora). Colors available: white with
       sequence, honey, sand, red, apricot, natural, blue, pink, rose.  Price is $49.99.
1. 2.